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The story of DARIUS: the magic of Christmas in the eyes of a little patient.

Darius is the protagonist of a story with a happy ending: suffering from childhood glaucoma, he spent the last 8 years of his young life in and out of hospitals, undergoing more than 30 surgical operations.

Until he entrusted himself to the expert hands of the doctor Barbara Parolini Eyecare and the Eyecare Clinic team of Brescia. We want to share his tender testimony of trust and joy to wish you a Christmas full of light!Darius has been operated on many times and treated in the UK since the age of 3 months (he was born with glaucoma).

During the Covid period he was admitted to hospital in London for the removal of calcium from his cornea. His temperature rose to 37.5, probably due to stress and the doctor decided not to proceed and to send him home.

After 2 days he had internal bleeding in his eye and was in terrible pain. A week of therapy with all the strongest painkillers, including morphine, and the pain was unimaginable. Two doctors at that hospital decided to remove the eye giving us a 0% chance. Darius and my entire family were devastated by this news.

Darius was then referred by another UK doctor to Dr Barbara Parolini in Italy. Dr. Parolini was very confident and gave us hope that she would save the eye from removal. The surgery lasted about 6 hours, Dr. Parolini worked hard to rebuild Dario's eye from scratch, given that his eye had completely shrunk. Doctor Parolini saved her eye, she is our angel. A truly lovely doctor. It changed our lives. The best decision was to contact Dr. Parolini.

Recovery was easy, the pain was gone and the eye has been active and stable since the surgery. The other eye was also operated in the United Kingdom, the retina detached but part of it was not attached correctly and Dr. Parolini also fixed the other eye.

He operated on Darius to replace the retina. Darius wasn't nervous at all, he had a lot of trust in Dr. Parolini, like all of us. He made us feel at ease, explained all the procedures step by step, and had a lot of patience with us.

Dario said that she is the angel sent by God to take care of him.We can never thank Dr. Parolini enough and the doctor who sent us to her.

With love and respect

Sezana (Dario's mother)

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