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The point of view"
"We can look at the patient's or doctor's eye and the point of view will change completely.
We can be Patients or Doctors at different times in our lives.
A Doctor should imagine what it means to be a Patient, with the fear of blindness and the willingness to offer one's sight into the hands of the Doctor.
A Patient should imagine what it means to be a Doctor, with the fear of not getting the result and the willingness to accept the challenge.
The exchange of roles should lead to trust, total sympathy and full connection"

Dr. Barbara Parolini

Doctor Barbara Parolini is an ophthalmologist specialized in ophthalmic surgery.


The Doctor's activity expands from healthcare to surgical and academic ones.


The care activity is expressed through visits to patients which can be made in person, in the workplace, or even online, to facilitate remote consultancy, both in Italy and abroad, for those who cannot travel.

The Doctor offers her Patients the opportunity to be constantly followed via email or social media messages (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook).

It is the Doctor's desire to always give maximum availability to create a relationship of trust that extends beyond the visit or operation, in the long term.


The surgical activity is mainly vitreoretinal, but also of the anterior segment (cataract, cornea, glaucoma) and refractive surgery (excimer laser, phakic lenses, implantation of multifocal IOLs).


The Doctor's academic activity involves participation in national and international conferences , as a speaker or moderator ( complete list in the Curriculum Vitae ) and in the publication of manuscripts in peer-reviewed or scientific dissemination journals ( complete list in the Curriculum Vitae ).

This activity has made the Doctor known internationally.

The issues on which it focused, in particular but not only, are:


Currently Vice President of the European VitreoRetinal Society (EVRS) and Executive member of the Board of Retina World Congress.

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