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Keratoconus therapy

Keratoconus is a congenital malformation of the CORNEA that creates high astigmatism.

It manifests itself in childhood but becomes accentuated in adulthood

It makes optical correction with spectacle lenses difficult.

Some people DO NOT know they have keratoconus which can only be diagnosed via the CORNEA MAP or CORNEA TOPOGRAPHY.

I recommend that all children and adults with astigmatism or poor vision undergo a corneal map exam for keratonocus screening.

New technology is available to improve the visual conditions of patients suffering from keratoconus.

Patients with keratoconus are unable to undergo surgery to remove their glasses completely.

However, they can be treated to ensure that keratoconus does not get worse and that vision improves without lenses.

It is important to tell all patients suffering from keratoconus: "do not rub your eyes so as not to make the situation worse"

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